Jul 4
Fourth of July
Tons of shows out there... give us a call and we'll let you know where to find one near you.

Event planning is an intricate dance that requires all team members to be in step. Once you sign a contract with Fireworks America you will experience our award-winning, turn-key service. We obtain all of the insurance and permits for your show so you can worry about the other aspects of your event.

This is why we were awarded the prestigious Industry Partner Award by the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Fireworks America provides the following services:

  • Permitting: Obtain fireworks permits from appropriate agencies (fireworks only, not event permits).
  • Insurance: We have the highest rated insurance possible. We provide high-quality insurance for the fireworks display, covering the Sponsor, the Public, Property Owners, Other Participants and ourselves.
  • Site Survey: Survey the site and make recommendations on spectator locations, ingress/egress corridors, size and type of fireworks.
  • Communication: Attend coordination meeting between Sponsor and other Agencies such as parks and recreation, police, fire department, and radio station as needed.
  • Soundtrack & Choreography: Fireworks Choreography & Sound Tracks (client reponsible for music licensing fees).
  • Special Services: Contract for Special Services such as barges, searchlights and other production elements.
  • Awesome Pyrotechnics: Execute the fireworks display in a safe, yet spectacular manner.
  • Safety Services: Clean-up the fireworks site, sweep the area for any unfired pyrotechnics.
  • Post Display Communication: Post Display follow-up with Regulating Agencies and with the Sponsor.

The Sponsor is responsible for the items listed below. Our staff has been through this process countless times, and are here to provide advice to assist you in these tasks:

  • Security: Security and crowd logistical support (if contracted we can provide security on your behalf).
  • Timely Contracting: There are minimum time limits required by law for pulling permits. Contracts must be executed within these time windows to guarantee that permits can be obtained.
  • Theme: Choose a theme in advance so we can produce the music and choreography.
  • Communication: Keep us informed of any and all changes so we can provide you the best service possible.

If the fireworks display is synchronized to music played over the radio, the radio station is typically asked to provide:

  • Advertising: Pre-show advertising, as well as Sponsor and Fireworks America recognition.
  • Music: Music tapes must be provided well in advance to allow time to choreograph fireworks to the music. If fireworks are to be shot to a live concert, sheet music should be supplied along with a tape similar to what will be performed.
  • Communications: Communications links between the radio station and Fireworks America need to be established. This is required to allow our firing computers to synchronize with the radio station's music.
  • Promotion: Promotional materials, talent and support.
  • Sponsorship: Financial support, where appropriate and contracted.